Egypt: Ideal Standard workers appeal for solidarity

MENA Solidarity Network

Workers at the bathroom units factory in Tenth Ramadan City near Zagazig in Sharqiyya Governorate have been occupying their factory since March 2013 in protest at the dismissal of their trade union committee. Gangs of thugs accompanied by some of the company foremen attacked the sit-in on 21 April.  Conditions in the factory are very dangerous and injuries are common. Workers carry on average 1400kg of raw materials a day to the furnaces and suffer infections from the high levels of pollution. Workers’ demands include a payment for hazardous work and 28 days’ annual holiday.

They sent the following appeal for solidarity to the trade union movement in the UK as a labour court was set to consider a malicious prosecution of key union activists on 2 May 2013. 

“The trade union committee at Ideal Standard Egypt appeals to the trade unions in the UK for solidarity in the face…

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