Moroccan public sector workers strike to defend pensions and union rights

MENA Solidarity Network

civil_servants_protest_rabat_020415_1Mohamed Boutayeb reports from Rabat

Civil servants from different government departments and public services, joined service users, workers, unemployed organisations, the Moroccan Human Rights Association, Attac Morocco and student activists, in responding to the call of the Union Federation of Civil Servants – Democratic Current, for a national demonstration on 2 April 2015.

The protest began in the heart of the capital city, Rabat, and marched towards the parliament buildings under the slogan “The united struggle continues against attacks on workers’ rights and freedoms.” The demonstration was accompanied by a national civil service strike, responding to the government’s failure to respect workers’ rights and in response to its preparations for an offensive on pension rights, pay and social benefits.

civil_servants_protest_rabat_020415_2Participants in the march chanted slogans warning about the attacks. They called for serious and productive dialogue across all sectors, beginning with the demands of public sector workers, education and health…

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