Bahrain: Lecturers’ union debates call for an international trade union led inquiry into repression

MENA Solidarity Network

By David Binns, UCU London Retired Members branch

The lecturers’ union UCU debates this weekend a motion calling for a trade-union led inquiry into British backing for repression in Bahrain. David Binns, provides some background on the initiative in this guest post.

UCU London Retired Members branch first took up the issue of Bahrain’s teachers, and of wider regime repression in that country, in the Autumn of 2013. Around that time I began to raise the need for a concerted union response, not least in Britain, to the suppression of the Bahrain Teachers Association (BTA) and incarceration of its leadership. The trigger for my own involvement was a vivid account of the assault on the BTA and its aftermath from Education International – a body with which the BTA, like UCU, is associated.

At that stage some of us in the branch were, in a fairly general way, aware that…

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