Take action in solidarity with Egyptian political prisoners on June 20-21

Egypt Solidarity

actions_mayjune2015Egyptian activists are calling for two days of solidarity action outside Egypt on June 20-21 to highlight repression and mobilise support for the campaigns to free political prisoners. Read the call for action here. In the run-up to June 20-21, we are asking Egypt Solidarity supporters to help us spread the word about what is happening by taking the four steps below. If you can help organise a protest, meeting or social media event please get in touch via campaign@egyptsolidarityinitiative.net. If you are in the UK, download a leaflet here to use in your workplace or university.

Activists in Egypt who are defying the dictatorship need your support
Here’s some simple things you can do to help…

Stop the executions – overturn the death sentences

Over 100 more opponents of the military regime were condemned to death this weekend, including former president Mohamed Morsi, and Emad Shahin, Professor of…

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