Solidarity activists take to the streets in support of #Egyprisoners on 20-21 June

Egypt Solidarity

Solidarity actions in cities across the world are helping the campaign against repression in Egypt reach new audiences. As part of an international series of protests and events in solidarity with Egyptian political prisoners this weekend, activists took to the streets in Montreal, Ottowa, London, Paris and New York. Australian activists from Solidarity magazine collected signatures on the statement against executions, while earlier last week, events in solidarity with political prisoners were held in Geneva, Bologna and Nurnberg.

Egypt solidarity activists staged a demonstration on 20 June at Cleopatra’s Needle in London before joining a major protest organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity. Egypt Solidarity Initiative joined the anti austerity march to raise awareness of the British backing of the Egyptian dictatorship through arms deals. As news hit the press a few days ago about Sisi’s invitation to the UK by David Cameron, activists are already organising protests and…

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