Joint protest called against Sisi visit

Egypt Solidarity

sisi_notwelcome_737550Egypt Solidarity Initiative will be joining with other organisations in a joint protest at 5pm on Wednesday 4 November at Downing Street against Sisi’s visit. Please help us spread the word. We need mobilise as many people as we can to send a clear message that Sisi is not welcome in the UK. Click here for more background on the visit and downloadable leaflets / posters.

Joint statement: 7 reasons to oppose Sisi’s visit

1.     Sisi destroyed the aspirations of millions of Egyptians who took part in the January 25th revolution, setting the historic clock backwards and abruptly ending the nascent democratic experiment that replaced 30 years of Mubarak dictatorship. Regretfully, the dictatorship is back to business in Egypt, with Egyptian rulers brazenly trampling on the rights of citizens while Western governments support it [1].

2.     In August 2013, General Sisi spearheaded Raba’a Massacre; the massacre that was…

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